Ten effects of watching Breaking Bad.

I’ve found myself in an unusual predicament. I have been unable to effectively punish our new puppy Sadie. Sadie is in the midst of house/potty training and unfortunately hasn’t been doing all that great. We praise her when she pees on her wee wee pads and holds her #2 long enough to get outside, and we try to sound and show displeasure when she does her business where it shouldn’t be done. Sadie apparently thinks we are playing with her.

Sam has taken over the punishing duties and sometimes she can get a bit scary and Sadie will go running for her bed. Sam gets frustrated having to clean up the mess (Our Deal: she takes care of #1, I pick up #2)and does a great job of showing displeasure and grief and it scares Sadie. But just as soon as Sadie is jumping into her bed she’s jumping back out with a toy for one of us to toss for her. Sadie doesn’t get it.

I tried my hand at being a meanie when Sadie had an accident. It was sad and hilarious. I choked up as I sent Sadie to her bed and proceeded to cry afterwards. Everyone in the house got a laugh out of that one. Sadie ran to the bed only to pick out a toy and come back to play with me.

In that moment I remembered something my parents always told me when they punished me. “It hurts us more than it hurts you.” In that moment I felt horrible, I just yelled at a little puppy who doesn’t get that what she did was wrong and I scared her even if for less than a minute. In that moment I realized what my parents said was true and to think this is a dog. Imagine when I have children.

Well everyone laughed at me, and told me my kids will be spoiled by me and I would have a “daddy’s little girl” (a brat). I can’t say that will or won’t happen but I think its best I start working on my dissatisfied face, and tone, as well as my punishing skills. For now Sam will punish Sadie and I hope she gets it so I don’t have to punish her at all (I’m sure I’ll have to punish her by the end of the week).

I feel like a zombie. Mind you I don’t think zombies can feel like they are zombies. But I feel like a lifeless body slowly trudging along on his quest for a juicy brain, only in my case I’m searching for a bed, preferably mine.

I have a very good friend by the name of Juan (real name) and he is a fan of stand-up comedy. Every month our local Improv Comedy Club hosts an open mic night and allows performers a 5 minute set if they manage to get 10 patrons into the building for free with a two drink minimum. Me being the good friend that I am agreed to go see my friend get his 5 minutes as well as enjoy the jokes of other up and coming comedians.

It was a disaster…

Juan doesn’t normally have a problem getting his 10 people to show up, but last night he did. I do not know why he couldn’t come up with the 10; as a matter of fact he only had to come up with 4 because I got a group of 6 including myself to go to this show. He only got 3. Juan was short 1 person. He did not get a chance to do his set and it was a real bummer. None of us in our group were all too thrilled either. We just shelled out money for two drinks a piece to see our friend on stage, expensive drinks I might add.

At the end of the show seeing Juan dismayed I gathered everyone outside the venue and encouraged him to do his set even if it was just 7 of us (the other two left when they heard Juan was not going on stage).

It was hilarious….

At this point the night was going well and that’s when the night should have ended. But did we end the night there?

No, we didn’t.

No, we decided we were hungry and that we wanted IHOP. So we went to IHOP, all seven of us. We dined and joked and had a jolly good time. When we looked at the clock we realized it’s almost 1in the morning and Sam and I have work the next day. We said our goodbyes and got our butts home to go to bed.

4 hours later we hear the most irritating sound in the world and since then I have trudged around like a zombie.

Now I am 2 hours away from getting out of work and I’m not so sure if I will make it home. I might just recline the seat of my car and sleep.

Who are we kidding? I need to get home to bed.

One thing is for sure though, I think I can finally understand why they always said don’t stay up/out late on a school night. I will never stay up/out late on a work night again.

I’m 24 years old; does this experience make me old?

What if your family drove John Wilkes Booth to kill President Abraham Lincoln?
This past weekend Sam and I were watching this program called “Who do you think you are?” and it was pretty interesting. The gist of the show is that it follows a celebrity as he or she tracks down some information about a member of their family. It’s a really nice show, and I look forward to the episode featuring Jim Parsons.

Actress Zooey Deschanel apparently comes from Quaker roots and her family played a major part of the Underground Railroad. I think that is amazing. But then a little tidbit came out about the Christiana Riot which took place on Deschanel’s ancestor’s property. Deschanel’s ancestor helped two people escape persecution for that riot (they didn’t start it) and because of it something happened (I don’t remember what it was at this moment) and that something pissed off John Wilkes Booth. That moment planted the seed that would later cause the assassination of one of our most storied Presidents.

In no way is Deschanel’s ancestor responsible for the assassination. She was just doing what she thought was right and is a hero because of it. But it begs the question, what if she hadn’t helped those two individuals escape. Would Booth still have gotten angry and killed the President of the United States? Funny how life works out, actions lead to reactions which lead to other actions and reactions, I’d also like to make note that it might be possible that what happened on that farm also could have spurred Lincoln to decree his famous Emancipation Proclamation.

It makes you wonder where you come from and if some ancestor of yours could have made a significant impact on history.


Sam took it upon herself to get a new puppy. She didn’t consult with me about it at all. I was fuming, we didn’t need another dog and I always said that if we were going to get another dog it would be a beagle ( I love beagles and she already has Daisy, our chihuahua).

We have had Sadie for a few weeks now, she’s adorable and I’ve fallen for her. I’m a sucker for dogs. While I’m ok with having the puppy, I’m still feeling hurt that Sam did not discuss this with me first, even if it was weeks ago.

Anyway, Sadie is now a part of our family and she’s awesome!

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Lately something has been on my mind. I really shouldn’t be making a big fuss about it given that it’s TV and anything is possible in TV. I’ve been watching Doctor Who and I’ve fallen in love with the show. Currently I am on the second series and I know I have a long way to go. I am currently dreading Billie Piper’s departure from the show which is why I am a little hesitant to get to the last two episodes of series 2 (dumb I know).

At some point in time, it was revealed the Doctor has two hearts. It’s TV, anything is possible. He’s a time lord (cool name for an alien species, while others have alien like names such as the Slitheen) so anything is possible. Anyway, two hearts, looks human. That’s a lot of blood pumping. All that blood needs oxygen or whatever he needs to breathe. My question is how many lungs does he have? Is it just two, does he have more? If it is just two, are they super lungs with amazing oxygenating abilities? Again, it’s a TV show, they don’t have to explain but I can’t seem to come to terms with it.

Maybe I’m being ridiculous but this has a bit of a whoa factor to me. What do you think?

Right now I’m really digging David Tennant, but I still need to give the other Doctors a chance, but all in good time. I’m eager to see a Captain Jack Harkness reunion; hopefully I have that in store for me later. But until then I still have to come to grips with watching the last two episodes with Billie Piper as Rose Tyler (I’ve become emotionally invested in her character).

It’s been a while and I’m sorry it’s taken so long to write. But I have returned and hopefully I will have a greater presence here.

Before I begin I want to extend thanks to everyone who wished me well during my difficult time. You guys made it easier to come back. Unfortunately things happen, and we learn from it and come back stronger, so now it’s time to move on and I’m ready.

Sam is doing well, still not all there, but she’s hanging in there. She’s a strong woman and while she can be scary at times, she’s one of the most amazing people I could ever know.

That said thank you for your patience, I will be posting real soon.